John's Pittsburgh Adventure


John's back from his big Pittsburgh adventure, and he's got the stories to prove it. Buckle up as he recounts an entertaining evening, we read out your positives from the game, and more.

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The Final Fourcast is a podcast hosted by WVU basketball alums Kevin Jones and John Flowers, and their friend Ashley! Fans of West Virginia University won't want to miss this weekly podcast.

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Your host J flow kJ is out today ash out, but I got my Guy Ethan Trust the intern ethering. Ether has been getting big time on it lately. Man Ether something man. I mean he's very knowledgeable about all the sports, all W W W v U related sports stuff, so it's good to have him here today. Very reliable, I mean guys, I mean you know some stuff. You know some stuff. Yeah, yeah, I like to get confident about it, but I also don't want to get too confident about it. You know. I mean, uh, vomit, he says you you don't know anything, but I trust you. Yeah, but we don't talk about vomit on here. He actually told me to stop talking, but that's a different episode with great start. Yeah, so, uh, I don't know what's going on everybody. No one wants to record today, but I'm here. Great, it's gonna be a good episode. We could talk about the pit game. We can talk about my tail getting experience up and pit. Yeah, man, I was up there tailgating with the people. Man, it feels good to be back. How was the atmosphere up there? It was pretty good. It wasn't as hostile as I thought it was gonna be, you know what I mean? I didn't really get into any pit fans like I thought I was, but it was like it was a bunch of w Vu people up there, so that was a good thing. Just felt like a home game. Honestly, did you see many Pitt fans and interact with him? Yeah, I saw some Pitt fans talk to him. You know, they were they were pretty friendly, pretty cool. That's what I mean. I'm starting to think that this is a friendly rivalry. Well, the first time they played in ten years. So I mean because, I mean, Marshall seems more, you know, intense than that. But so did you watch the game at the Bar? So I went up. I didn't plan on going to the game, just wanted to tell gate, talk to some people, interact with people, network a little bit, you know what I mean. Chuck a few beers and I had to tell gates take a few jello shots. So I came out, started out doing that. I wrote up with gates shot at the gate ocean borne, who is the absolute man. I mean I thought when I played I was a man, but Gabe is on a different level. We'll get to that. We'll get more into that. But I came up. You know, I was looking for parking and parking was kind of traffic was pretty bad. Parking was kind of terrible. Gabe just left me in the car while I would look for parking. He just got out and was like Hey, I'm gonna Start Drinking. So I went around looking for parking. Finally found a parking spot around two o'clock. Uh, then we got our day start. You know. The game was that what, uh seven. So we got about good three hours of drinking and party and then before the game took some I didn't get to find any apple apple pop moon Sean. Did you find in the either? No, I wasn't up there. Ah, wow, I stayed in morgant. This is what I'm talking about. Like, you can't do stuff like that, bro, you gotta get on the road. Like, what are you doing? Why didn't you go? Well, so I didn't cover... I had there were two other coworkers that covered it, so I just didn't go. So you could have got like Philip hosses and all that. Yeah, I mean our company did. I just didn't go up with them, though. WHO's your company? West Virginia Sports. Now bleep that out, Dave, but we'll bleep out whatever company it is, because we're all about the final forecast here. But NAH, yeah, man, I was looking for some Apple Pie moonshine. Pretty disappointed I didn't find it. I didn't drink any moonshine actually, but I had some Jello shots, had some Tito's vodka yeager bomb. It got a little bit out of control for a second. You know what I mean? He's just drinking any and everything. That was all better. Was it a better tailgate layout than Maryland? Oh yeah, it was way better than Maryland. Remember Maryland at all? Walk around? Yeah, it was a thousand times by the Martins layout like it was actually maps and stuff. So it was it was easy to get around. So I did about a good three hours of just drinking and partying, dancing a little bit. Uh. Still surprised with me that people like recognize me, still like want to take pictures and all that stuff. So that's always a good thing. Um, always happy to do it. So I didn't have tickets. went to be a bar, just a local bar. I'm in there talking big ship to Pitt fans man, just sitting there drinking and talking. Hell of ship, because we came out pretty good to start the game. So I watched the first quarter and there. What do you think about the first quarter? Do you remember? I was I was shocked going into the game. I didn't know what to expect a whole new offense, a whole new team really right. Um, new personnel under Neil Brown and he's just now experimenting with the different players and staff. So Um, I didn't know what to expect. But first quarter they start out slow, um, but like at the same time they still had a fight. And then I didn't I didn't think the game was already over like last year first quarter. There could be games where other team scores multiple touchdowns and but Um, I was. I was impressed overall by the by the whole game, honestly. Yeah, I mean the first quarter. I was impressed by our defense. I mean we came out, I think the first couple of possessions and it was four and out. You know what I'm about? Three and out or whatever. Yes, three and out right, Yep, three and out. Yeah, so I was, I was very impressed by that. So I'm at the bar talking big ship, two Pitt fans, not getting any of the actually out of any of them. But and then when we we had a few drives for first downs and I'm in there, I'm doing the first down chat. Oh, first down, you know what I mean. I'm talking. I'm all over the place, and taking shots, buying people's shots. It's having a great time, are they? Are they talking ship back? No, they weren't really saying anything. I mean they would cheering and stuff, but they weren't really talking ship. I'm starting to eat ship Pitt chance. I'm I'm saying sweet caroline. Minds me, this is out the three hours of drinking. I'm still going strong and I'm pretty impressed by how I held up, you know what I mean, during that that time. You know, I woke up early that morning. I went to show some houses, went to work, work before play. Got On the road at twelve, got there at too UH. I didn't need a NAP and I'm really really impressed. Made it all the way to the after party and then drove back home after the after party. So I'm I really impressed myself there. You know, it's a busy day for you. Yeah, but three maybe I'm not as old is I thought that was, you know, to stop playing basketball actually walk around and feel bad. I feel I feel good, man. But anyways, back to the game. So after the first quarter I get a text from Gabe. He's like, Yo, where you at? You got the game, mind you. I came there with Gabe. He left me. We'll get to that. That's a whole another story. We should add him on the show actually. But Gabe text me. He's like Yo, you're gonna see the game. Like I don't have a ticket. He's I got an actually before you just come up to the to the to the gate. I'm like cool, he text me the ticket. I came to the gate. Scam me right in side. Note Gabe is just a hustler man. Like gave selling posters, defensive player of the year posters at the game. You Twenty dollars are signed. Signed. Gave Ocean boring posters. I think I'm very I was very impressed by... he just hustles man. He's out there the businessman all the time. Yeah, I did. I had no clue. I didn't know. I didn't know that. I thought the only businessman was a polycop with the chef then. But he's out there hustling posters. He has a street team, his kids running around selling posters a pop. I don't know how much money he made, but he sold a lot of posters. I mean he had a a bunch of him when he when he got out of the car and he came back with very few. So shout out the game man, and those are pretty good posters to have. I think I'm a buy one hanging up in the many caves. I mean he won defensive player of the year. You know, it's signed, so it's a good poster to have. So he's out there hustling. Shout the game, hustling and spirit. Shout out the game. I feel like he's definitely one of the most loved players just within the last couple of years. Oh for sure. I mean we're driving up to the game and you know, people have like the Virginia flags one and you could tell like everyone's my grade night that way for the game. You know, all the West Virginia fans, and gaves is hanging out the window of the car and people like. I'm saying that the reactions of people they definitely recognized like Oh, like, oh, that's Gabe. He almost made a few people crash from my way up there, but that was I mean gaves gave us a lot of fun, man, but so heed you. Yeah, he ditched me. I mean I understood what it was. You know what I mean. I plan on going by myself. Gabe called me a like eleven. Right before I was about to go, I was like hey, you can, can I rob with you? I'm like Oh yeah, so we'll get back to how much gave. Is the man seconds anyway. Oh yeah, on the on the way there he's talking to PAC man Jones about the after party and stuff. We'll get to that in a second. But Gabe gets me in the game, gets me a ticket somehow. So I walk in. As soon as I walk in, first of all, pitts layout their stadium, Pittsburgh Stadium, is awful. It's like four ramps. There's just four ramps to get to your seats at the game. So after the game everyone was just like scratched up trying to get out of there, like it was crazy. But anyways, I walk in, Walk Straight out. So I'm like lower level. First first person. I see Major Harris. You don't know who major Harris is probably one of the best, arguably the best, quarterbacks that ever played. Wu I say Pat White because I mean that was my heir, you know what I mean, but everyone else says Major Harris. Ethan, you gotta need to take on that. Well, they're bolting on my generation. But I have to go with Pat Wade just offs, just off of how we transition the program into a national contender. So the major Harris but generation. Pretty sure Major Harris went to the national championship, but he did. Yeah, the hell are you talking about? I'm just saying in Pat White's generation, when he played in the mid two thousand's, he made West Virginia. He really took them to the next level. Just with all the different types of media than when major playing. It's just TV. It's a good take. It's interesting. I mean major is good. I mean he's really got me. I never saw him play, but all just hear the stories all the time. Man, all the time. But I go in, I see him, we're talking. I love that guy, man. We always have a good time. When we talked, we talked for a little bit, we watched a little bit of the game. He gives me his take on the team. I had nothing good things to say about the team and coach Brown. So I'm hanging out with him until like halftime. Yeah, half time. Get another call from gate. Where you at, man, where are you at? Like, yeah, I'm here, man, I appreciate the ticket or whatever. He's like come up to the vrp area. I'm like what? So Gabe has box seats, connections. I mean he's Gabe is awesome man. I'm glad I'm able to call my little brother. I'm learning from him and I'm sure he's learning a little bit from me. I don't know if I'm seeing good to bad things. Hopefully I'm a good influence on him, but he's he man. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have had half the fund. But this is just half the story. So I go up and looking for that. That's why I said Pitt Stadium had a terrible layout. I'm looking figure, trying to figure out how to get upstairs. Uh, finally found it. Walk in. He's in the club suite. Walk in he's with the Erica Fontein. UH, one of h if you don't know, you know her. She was a gymnastics girl either. You know her? Yeah, I know the name. I don't know her, though. You cover sports. I mean you don't cover women's sports.

I do cover women's sports. Okay, so you know Erica Fontin. What do you know about it? I just said I know the name, I mean, but you don't know anything else about her. No, he's a liar whatever. But now we were talking to uh remember that was a phone call he made to her as well. On the way to Pitt Erica Farontin shot out to her. A little SIS. I mean we're not really close to nothing, but I'm always open to help. Well, I call everyone that went to w my brother sister time little SIS. She's doing big things. She has only fans now. She's uh, a social, social media influencer. Basically, you know, she has over Dave. How many friends is that? Six hundred and for a thousand followers, he's only following seventy people. I'm not one of them, but yeah, Erica Fontaine was up there with her crew. Uh. I think some of the basketball players were up there. Um, so I walk up, no problems from security. They let me right in. Oh, gay was standing right there. Gabe was like yeah, he's with me. I'm like yeah, with great I walk in, meet some good people up there, watch the game until about the third quarter. Uh, the best part about being up there was they played the sweet caroline the songs. You see video or not either. Yeah, I saw it from both both sides. Um, just kind of depending where you sat at if you heard each chip pit or let's go put yeah, yeah, so I didn't know that Pitt said that in between. So I was kind of taking them back by that tradition. No, I didn't. So I guess we made a we flipped it. That's why we did that. Like I'm it all makes sense now. So I mean it was some people. Yeah, by the videos it says like it each ship pit driving them out, but that that really wasn't the case. Like you said, it just depending on where you're sitting. Stadium is too big. You weren't gonna be able to tell exactly. So that was cool. So around somewhere at halftime, gave just left, you know what I mean? He's gone again and no clue what gave is. He left me up there. Erica Fontaine's gone. So I'm up there by myself, just maning with people. Uh saw some people out know, you know, shout the Steve, shout to uh other people I knew up there. I had some drinking still going. Is Just not stop drinking. No, bear my hand, every time, every every time, you know what I mean. It wasn't a time where it wasn't a drink in my hand. That gay. So I had an awesome time with that. Uh. Somewhere in the third quarter, Gabe calls me again. He's like, Yo, where you at? Like I'm still in the club. Where you go, like I'm on the field. Come to the field. I'm like what, Yo, what's going on here? And you could see Gabe. You could see Gabe in the second half. I was down there. So you didn't see me. I did not see you. You didn't wear it. You weren't wearing your jersey. I saw Gabe with this Jersey only should have warn your Jersey gave, Oh, gave. I had want a Football Jersey. Shout to the Book Insurance for Sponsoring the My my jersey, which reminds me of anything. If you need anything sports related, basketball, football, any W V, you gear. Hit Up the book insurance. They have all the all your needs. You can use a Promo Code B X Four, Final Four. Save. So the book of stains, use our Promo Code and you're all good. Tell Him I sent you. anyways, Gabe calls me. He's like, Yo, come down to the field. I'm like what? At first I was like nine, gonna do it, go back to the field, but I didn't want to be up in the press box that much more, you know what I mean. I was enjoying the game from up there, but I went back down. Uh, I like the fourth. Went Back Down like the beginning of the fourth. Went Back Down still with major Harris again for a little bit at his seats. UH, watched the gun him for a little bit. Gabe calls me again, like Yo, where you at? What are you at? I'm like yeah, right here, Bro, right here. Where are you at? I thought he was gonna say he was on the bench. Oh, I was like I'm right behind you,...

Bro. I didn't really want to go down, you know what I mean. Um, I was hackling because we were doing good. I think we were upsetting at this point. Uh, we got another big stop. Um, if you I'll post the video again. But I'm heckling Pitt fans. I'm putting them on. I G I'm like, oh, y'all nervous. So then Gabe caused me. I'll make my way over to the field walk down there. I think. I'm thinking, like Hey, security is gonna stop me. I don't have a pass, so I'll get down there. Gabe is waiting on me. He's like he's with me, and I'm like yeah, I'm with him and they're like, okay, I don't know what gay I mean, everyone loves Gabe, apparently. You know what I mean. So go down there. I'm on the field now. UH, talking to ours. I'm we're up. It's like eight minutes left and then, you know, shout the Carton, the police officer, I think he sings the national anthem, like I'm not gonna saw him down there on the field. Uh see a bunch of H W alumni, donors and stuff, and PAC man is down there. Say what's up to, PAC man? Uh Say what's up to? Uh Marshall, he's down there. That's my guy. And Rashida. He actually said the opposite with Steve Said, you know, he's like, man, you look, I mean, because I lift weights a lot now. That's all I really do is lift had my football Jersey on. Shouts to she man. He was like, man, I wish you would have played with us. Man, you look, you would have killed it out there. Man. I'm like yeah, you know, man. So that's someone that believes I could play football ethern. You think. How do you think I would have been? I think you would have been the good white out. Maybe, maybe, maybe got some reps on special teams. I guess Dave doesn't believe. Some reps on special terms or not. What do you mean? On defense with offense? No, on special teams, like on kickoffs, like you receiving. You just are like one of those guys that runs around and box people. If I'm not returning kicks, I'm not getting special teams. Like talking about bro You can, you can play a couple of reps of game and then you're done. Do you think this has been a good idea? Let Pat White and Steve Slayton return kicks? I mean, are you as quick as they are? Now? I'm asking you like would have been a good strategy as a coach. Why not? Why not? There's so, so many risks of injuries when you're when you kick off. There's too many moving parts at once. True. True. I guess you're a good coach. Well, shouts to the she marshrot man. He believes in me. Dave believes in me deep down, but whatever. So I'm down. There was something pact Mane, and then, I mean I think it was like five minutes left. Sh just hit the FIE man. I don't I don't really know what happened? UH, number zero, is that? WHO's that either? Bryce Ford Wheaton? Bryce Ford Wheaton, how to give me catch? I mean he played a good game, man. He had a good game. He was making catches all night. Uh, for some reason, quarterback. What's his name? Daniels. Yep, J T Daniels. No more, no more dougie. Yeah, Doug. I would have loved to see Douggie out there, man. They would have lost probably by more. I I thought that was your guy. Oh, I mean I didn't think he was that bad as West Virginia fans thought, but I mean they definitely j t Daniels is better. Deggie, doggy. He tries, he tries it again, didn't he? Yeah, he's at Troy. He's backing up at Troy. Now he's the backup at Troy. Yeah, he lost the starting job. I mean he got the campus like ten days ago. So I mean it's gonna be hard for him to win that job within days. You could play this year. Yeah, yeah, he played yesterday through a pass, completed one. So he now. So he went from being the man at West again to the backup. Is Not something. Ye. Anyways, my mad daniels, who had a good game. What was his thoughts? Daniels finished with two fourteen passing yards, two touchdowns, the one interception that Ford Wheaton dropped, and then Daniels also had a rushing touchdown. Look, I don't know what game I was watching. I didn't see a Russian touchdown and it was like a one yard just it wasn't like he scrambled ran from he just it was a... yard running. Yeah, I like I like him now. I like that he shows great he makes he makes smart plays. Yeah, he's smart, Co Qb. He shows great uh Um. But yeah, he throws the ball to zero, who's hell of a player. I mean he had a great game. For whatever reason, ball hits his hands, pops in the air and x option pick six. So I'm on the field, hands on my head, like what the Hell is going on? I mean, I wasn't. No, I wasn't like that at first. Now it's a tie game. Now you know what I mean. So I'm like, that's cool, we get the ball back. It's cute. It was a close game the whole game, you know what I mean. So I'm thinking, okay, we're still good. Um, I'm not too sure what happened after that I blocked out after eating. What happened after that? Well, the team drove down. J T Daniels drove down, tried to tell the ball game, um, tried to connect with Rhees Smith, who had a cut back in rail try to catch it at the two yard line and it was just barely barely hit the ground. It looked it looked like a catch on some angles, but the ball moved to too much on the ground for the rest to call to catch that. Yeah, but they gave Pitt a similar call a couple of players before that. Right. Yeah, the difference with the difference with rheese Smith's catch was he couldn't get he couldn't get that second hand under the ball so it didn't spin on the ground. He was able to get one on it, but and he was able, he got his second hand on it, but not all the way underneath the football. It was. The rest called it a catch and it could have been too hard to Um, too too hard to reverse. But wait, when did they? When did Pitt get the lead? Pick? took the lead with yeah, yeah, that picks six was they rushed, they drove down and after after Neil punted the ball on fourth and one. Pitt drove down ran the ball in. There was getting a lot of flak for that. punting on fourth and inches or fourth and one. What's your thoughts about that? That's I don't mind it. It's up to I'm I see both ways. You either you either convert on fourth and one running in. UH, pretty much sealed the game. Um, if you score especially. Yeah, I don't I don't mind punting it and pinning pit back. Yeah, I mean if you would have, if he would have went for it and didn't get it, then I'm sure he'll be getting criticism about that too. You know what I mean, like what he did that against Texas. He did it, he went he went forward on fourth and he didn't convert and then he got slagged for it. So, but also that running back, the running back that we have a seven carries for what yards? Ye, true, Freshman C J Donaldson. I mean I would I would allow to see him get the ball a little, a little bit more. Right. Yeah, Um dold use him is like a someone with like an Owen Schmidt type role. He's not like Um, he's not technically a running back, but he's more like a tight end, fullback, running back Combo. He's huge. Yeah, it's a big guy's really good. What's his name? C J Donaldson from Miami. Donaldson, true freshman's eighteen years old. Yep, he was ranked nine hundreds in the country this past recruiting class. That's awesome. Shout to him. Man. I like this team, man, I really do. It's a different it's definitely a different VIBE and they're fun to watch too. Yeah, good guys. So they didn't get the catch. I saw it immediately. It wasn't a catch because I was on the sideline shout at the gate and I think some of the players knew it. Uh. Coach Brown was pretty piste off, I think, because they had a similar play that they say, like I said, but I knew it was over and uh, I was like, Gab we gotta get out of here. GABE wouldn't leave. Gabe goes over to the bench. He's shaking the player his hands like good job, good game, you know, and they respect Gabe. You know what I mean? Uh, they were pretty piste off. Man. I was already celebrated with him and they would have won that game. I probably would have run on the field, probably would have got kicked out of out of the stadium, you know what I mean. But I would have been in the locker room it would have won. Up, if they would have won that game, would have been crazy. I would have been late to my after party for sure. uh, but they lost. We stick around. Everyone's leaving, walking out, greet some more fans. Gabe still selling poster. Gave me the killing on posters, uh, you...

...know, and that was that. We're headed to the after party now. So I mean shout out to everybody who came to the after party. I think Gabe was so hooked up. When Gabe said he was going, I think PAC man Jones said he was going, Erica Fontaine said she was going, so it was a w Vu star studded event. And then, you know, a lot of w alumni. Uh Yeah, PAC man, as cool as hell man like, uh said, was up some. He had a little conversation. So the after party was great. Shout to my wife for being a good what they shot. Shout shout out to my wife, just as for being a good sport about it. You know what I mean. I got the parents fee for going so well, I just wasn't going having a good time. You know what I mean if they didn't aim and I probably wouldn't have went. But I also didn't know that it was going to be out of Strip club. Talking to the guy shouted Jordan's talking to him. He used to go to Pitt. I think he used to play football pitt actually. So it's W V own. I thought it was a bar, you know what I mean. And Uh, I look at the contract and look up the name. He says Strip club, but I already signed a contract. It's not a big thing. I probably would have went either or, you know what I mean, whether it was a strip club or not. You know, if you're paying me to come. I had a good time. Lots of Wu fans in there. It was a good time out. I think the loss kind of took a cell out of it, you know what I mean. You don't really want to just coming off a big loss, big rivalry loss, would you? Would you do it ething? You know what I mean. Would you go? No, I wouldn't. Not. Morgantown was actually completely dead, was it really? Yeah, you would have thought like a Monday night. I mean it was a Thursday. Where did you watch the game? Just in my apartment here. I mean it was a Thursday, but I think if we would have wanted it's been more pet con took the sales out of the after party thing, you know what I mean? And Uh, yeah, that was my night. Man. Oh, you haven't. You haven't talked about taking he took some fans back to the hotel. Yeah, it took something. I did take some fans back to the hotel. Good Guy, Johan, it was that. That story is maybe a little fabricated, but I did help out some West Virginia fans get back to the hotel. I don't really remember the conversation, the conversation I was had in the car. I was like listening to my music, but I did take some what's the fans back to house. I mean we're an enemy turtle, you know what I mean? We're up and pit. They just won. You never know what can happen, you know I mean, I hope them out. I really don't think it's that big of a deal, but it's a good story. I mean, I got it's a good story for fans. You know, like eating. If I picked you up on the way, you know, you're probably really excited about that. That would be really excited about it. We'd have a twenty minute long conversation in the car about it. Yeah, I mean those fans, though, that was probably a big deal. You can, you can talk it down as just John Doing John Stuff, but that means a lot to people, I guess. Yeah, I's believe what that what it was is me doing being me. You know, hey, you need a rite simple my mom always taught me treat other people how you want to be treated and it was a bit getting out of there. So it was cool. I'm glad it didn't throw up on a violets car seat. I got in the buck seat there. It's cool. They were cool. It's good experience. Did Not Miss Anything else? No, but we did. Um, we did have a lot of people engage with the post because everyone was piste off, everyone was mad, but as you guys were talking about how this team's, you know, potentially going to be a lot of fun to watch, there was a lot of people that saw a lot of positives, Um, with the game. Um, if we want to go over some of those just to encourage people to interact with us for the show and stuff. For that first comment, my first comments work. Neil Brown does not to recruit and coach obviously Neil Brown's bringing in the best recruiting classes that this programs seen. and recruiting like recruiting service history, so like get dating back...

...over the last twenty years. MM HMM. Neil Brown's bringing in four stars, high three stars. He can recruit. So the tweet we put out said it's easy to be angry at the mistakes, but what were some positives to focus on? And we actually got quite a lot. There were a whole hell of a lot of them. This team is going to make noise this year. Bet that's a nerve heard of. Vc Uh, Chris Boon said. Donaldson Daniels, the D line running game flashed in the second half. Is that just pugba Ethan's COBA COBA was all over the place. Um Christian Melo said, even in the loss, this is the best that w team has looked in all three phases of the game, offense, defense, special teams, in several seasons. I still have high hopes of having a really great year. And then we have a meme from cale Lucas. It says he has nothing to smile about in life. W O two says Pitts Deletes Ship Raymond NEL Mundo says. Only positives were J T C J and lots of depth at the defensive line. Oh, line is still a major problem, Brett Cochrane says. The running back position. Our D L and JT Daniels, very athletic, made plays kept us in drives. Just my opinion. I'm also going to add I like the Fire Neil head tonight and there's there's a ton more too, if you guys want to see any. And Yeah, Ma, I mean right just at the final forecast on twitter. Well, G you know what I mean. We love interacting with the fans just to get there and put on on things. Actually, we gave out two passes to party with me at the V I P in the V I p section of the after party, and those fans did not claim their tickets, so I gave them away to two other people. I have pictures, Dave. You want to post them, I'd love nothing more than to Post Your Strip club pictures on the list. It was, it's hilarious just watching. So first of all, these are black stripper is big gasses. There was nothing more funnier than seeing these little white guys with W V jerseys on getting lap dances from these strippers. It was Hilarious, but man, I had a great time with West Virginia Fans and that Strip club that night. It was it was a lot of fun. You sound like an old man reliving his youth. Yeah, I am kind of. I mean that was my first time in Strip club in a long time. I'm not going to at least a couple of weeks. I guess it's been it's been like five years. It's been a while. But yeah, I had a great time. And how about US setting a record with attendance? I saw that a couple of their official accounts were saying that there were seventy thousand pit fans. They're trying to claim that they were all pit fans and that's not true, guys. They won't be hitting seventy thousand for the rest of the year. That was a great game. That was just a great it was a good time. You know what I mean. Want to lose. I had a blast and I think I don't know why the backyard brawl went away. Why did that go? Just conference relignement, West Virginia going to the big twelve, pit going to a sec they just didn't ever renew the series until recently. Yeah, they shouldn't play for the next three years and then they'll play again in late later part of the decade. Yeah, they should never let that happen. I saw Shane lines on the sideline too. I started to get a picture of him. He was looking he's looking upset. I mean as you should, but shout to shine, big Shan. He's a big guy to like six eight. But I had a great time at the game. Done talking Ab out the game. Shout at the gate. Couldn't then I wouldn't have had a good time if it wasn't for him. You take him back. He didn't go with me. You didn't want to go. He's doing business steels on the side. He was leaving me and just calling me like hey, you got this, Hey, where are you at? Yeah, I shout at the gate. It's almost like you were running away from him and he's calling where you're at. He's the one walking away. All right. So quick fire round, Ethan. How are we looking going into our first home game next weekend? Saturday six o'clock, West Virginia hosts Kansas. Um, yeah, I didn't ask for that. I didn't ask for the calendar, Ethan. I asked how we're gonna do. I didn't know when the goal of us. I'm glad that you did that. Wow, wow, thank you, Ethan. I didn't know what time the game was. I didn't know when the game wasn't anything. I'm helping. I gotta help. I gotta help every what else. So what's you what... you think? I think they bounced back here. Kansas is a more improved team than, uh, than usual. Last three games last season they played really well, competed, beat Texas on the road. Um, they are much improved. I mean, should we win? This guy enough before. I bought it out there. Yes, West Virginia should win. I have a thirty eight, twenty four West Virginia. Ah, we actually they score a lot of points last uh. Yeah, I want to know my predictions to I had. I had pitt beat in West Virginia. Is that legal? Yeah, I respect I expect your honestly. You gotta be honest. I genuinely didn't know what to expect going into the game. I didn't. I didn't know what Pitt brought back. Pitt brought back a lot of their they brought back their entire offensive line, defensive line, Um, the running back. They had. They had way more. Knew what to expect from Pitt. I knew what they were going to do. I had no idea what to expect from West Virginia. So that's why I picked Pitt. But you're you're you're not biased. You know what I mean. So I mean everyone can respect that from a reporter, you know. So keep that. You're not gonna say. But I got I got the mountaineers bouncing back home opener against Kansas. My Um, I don't I won't be there. Um going to hugs hall of Fame Ceremony in Connecticut, flying in and see my Guy Joe Massoula, his wife and we're gonna his family and we're gonna drive up together. So that would be a good time. I'm gonna miss the first game, but she should be. Should be a good one. Good Tailgates, Um, if anyone wants my my dad wants to bring his RV up to a game. So if anyone wants to give us a parking pass for to set up a Tailgate, we could throw a big shint big party the flowers flower style. So let me know if anyone's interested in that, um. But that should be a good game. Man. It is a shame that. It is a shame that they scheduled the Kansas game with hugs's induction the same time. Yeah, I don't think they knew. I don't know. They didn't know. I'm just saying start a controversy. Is Uh, Kansas, I wasn't really looking forward to. Why are we started Um conference place so soon this? This is new. There's conferences that started play last week. They just will pop in one game and then play nonconference the next week. Yeah, it's just Kansas and West Virginia. Had the state to fill and they did it early. So I'm looking forward to the I am going to the Virginia Tech Guy. I'm looking forward to that game. Goburg, got that one marked on my colinary yea, and going up our Guy Derrek Nichols as the head coach at Rafford University, Rafa College, university, whoever it is. Um It's like twenty minutes from blacks burkes. Probably sleep on his floor if his wife lets me. If I'm not too much going to that one. Okay, Dave's going. Yeah, I'll be on the field. Where will you be? You can give me a Philip Pass, m perfect. He doesn't have the connections like they, like Gabe does. Dad, you'll be surprised. Would Have Gable to head you on the bench day. Can Get me a Philip pass and I want you to do it or you're fired from what anyways, did so. Now I'm looking forward more to the game, to the V tech game, more because Dave's going. He's gonna give me a Philip pass and it Wonta be lit. So, uh yeah, that would be a good one. I'm looking forward to the METALLICA entrance and I'm just playing at Oh my goodness, it's the best. I mean that's I don't I don't really like Virginia tack, but their atmosphere is their atmosphere. College football is just underneiable, is undernivable. It will be interesting Um to see what their fans turn out is, because they sucked this year, just to put it lately. Really Yeah, they lost the Old Dominion. That doesn't mean they suck. They could have had a bag as you watched the gun. Yeah, their offenses you didn't want. Terrible. I hate when people say like a team sucks and they even watched the game, like why, you don't know what happened. To Watch the game they have. They have a martial transfer, a quarterback, grant wills. MM HMM, so you're a marshal fan now, you all right? So, yeah, I'm looking forward to that game, man. So if you're tell gating that the VTA game, let me know. I will...

...definitely stop buy and take my yellow shots Moonshot, I mean moonshine. Please, please, someone get me some apple pope moonshine and you will be a sponsor of the shot just for a free jar of Apple Pie. Um. Yeah, looking forward to that, man. So Hall of fame next week. That should be a good time eating. You should definitely go to that, just for your career. What if Brad Smith shows up? He Ain't showing up. I'm definitely I'm definitely good for Friday in Connecticut, but Massachusetts is up in the air. MM HMM. Oh, you're going Friday. Yeah, for first press conference. Oh, it's just a press conference. Yeah, the time, as I start, sometime in the afternoon too, like a gala. Yeah, he has a bunch of stuff going on Friday. Friday is like everything but the actual speech and the coach and all that. And while you guys are out there you can go to the basket and robbins this next door because it's in a strip mall, which is just mind blowing to me. Yeah, we can get ice cream after hugs his hall of fame speech Creamery. Sorry, what's in a strip mall? The hall of fame, Ball Hall of fame. It is the Strip mall. M Hmm, I'm just saying. It'll be a good time. I'll be drunk, so I don't remember right there. I just have a good time, talk to people. You have to catch up with Jerry West and Rod Thorn, as they introduced him there. They'll be there probably. Oh Yeah, definitely gonna Talk to Jerry, get a picture with them. I mean they'll probably be annoyed as how everyone asking for all these pictures and yeah, but you know his son. You've got that personal connection. You're not just I know Jerry, Jerry he I mean he tried to show me how to shoot when I was a freshman. I sure there's a picture of that or a news article somewhere about that. Jered, he tried, he tried. I still remember what he said. I still don't understand what he was saying, but I apply some of it. Yeah, I'm really just looking forward to reuniting with like the guys I play with, like Jamie smallogan might be there. There's a lot of guys, a lot of hugs guys, you know what I mean. I'm just looking forward to reuniting with them. Hopefully we can get a big group picture that you can put on the final four cast website. Maybe on me, if you remember. You know. Yeah, I don't know if day Shawan Butler, speaking of Deshan Butler. Well, I wasn't speaking on but hopefully day Shan will be there. But speaking of Desan, he just got a new job with the New York Knicks. Shout out to him. Assistant video coordinator full time. So shout to him, and think he's moving the whole family down, I mean up to New York and uh be living that city life. What does that really entail, though? Do you know what a video coordinator does? No clue. I mean watch, watch film, cut up film and edits for the assistant coaches that you used to two Um. Is that what James Did for hugs? Yep, he was a video coordinator. Okay, I don't know. I mean that's the top. That is a tough job. I mean he just gotta not a edit film. Basically, I think that's also maybe prepping for future opponents as well, getting that ready for assistance and head coaches. Yeah, I had a lot of film at us in my day, you know. So basically all my funk ups. They put him on film and then hugs would have a film session with the whole team and proceed to cost me out in front of the whole team and say look, you did this wrong, you did that wrong. so that's basically what Dave Shawn is gonna do. He's gonna tee it up for whatever coach to cuts out some young player. That's what I'm gonna do for episode two hundred of our show. I'm just gonna do a montage of all your funk ups just to make you feel special again. You should, you should do it. Got Two mountaineers on the next now. Oh yeah, DEUCE DOUCE is upthing. Douce is a morgantown this year. A lot shout to douce to figure it out. Uh So, yeah, man, uh, I think that's all the news. Man, I'm super, super real estate agent, starting to take off, you know. Uh, so my first house not too long ago, I think last week commission check was looking pretty good. Shout out to my clients. Got Their daughter in a town house in my neighborhood, you know, so she's gonna love that. But I think that's a good idea. If you're...

...a parent and your kids are going to school here, you should probably buy them a place to live, you know. And I got some techniques and how you can make that money back. I post a video about it soon. But Yeah, looking for a house in Morgantown or anywhere in West Virginia, hit me up. Please be happy to sell your house. Putting a dream home, investment property. Showed UH Jermaine Helly investing property other day, so let's see how that goes. I mean started to take off. Um, everyone knows, modeling pharmaceutical building shut down, a lot of people lost their jobs. And me being me, you know, super real estate agent, always looking to help people, always looking to help the people of West Virginia. Say What can we do to get some people into this miling building, you know. So went met with a guy owns a pharmaceutical company out and and UH Ohio and Mason Ohio proscope pharmaceuticals. Got Some meetings coming up. They'RE gonna come down toward the facility and maybe buy, or at least out that building. So hopefully they buy it and I'll get my five percent of commission on a two million dollars cell and then we won't have to do this podcast on what I will we did. I mean we'll do it. Well, I mean we will, but you won't have to because now we'll do it. We'll just be at PAT McAfee levels, you know what I mean. I'll be able to act the food and we'll have a huge studio somewhere. Well, everyone could come in and record their podcasts and there'll be headquarters for us. Dave can quit his job, retire work full time for J flow entertainment. Absolutely fucking not. You're all the money that you would make from that sale would not pay for the therapy. I would need to work with you. What's FOT for Senate? Two million million? What? Two million dollars? Yeah, there we go. I can give you a million dollar salaries. Say, Hey Dave, you will make a mallory. Yeah, put a million a year. No, so that's ten years of work and then you're fucked. So I'll make you a contract with hey dave, you'll make a million dollars over five years, something like that. Oh, this is sounding really realistic. I'm glad we're spending time on it. That you said something like that. Yeah, something like that. Yeah, yeah, something. Worry about the details later. Yeah, for sure. Once it happens, it has to happen first. We've crossed into John's fantasy brain again. We're never getting now. I mean, would you do that? You would sign a five year contract for a million dollars? If I had a hold of that total sum between two lawyers and an accounting firm. Sure, yeah, Dave Hayes getting paid. By the way, he doesn't make it invoices. He took pures voices today. He took pictures right now. He took pictures for property on listening. Didn't send them voice. But whatever, Dave, he's getting paid. It's cool. I will make sure you got paid on this million dollar day and then take spread over five years. Spread out over five years. So what's that? Five two hundred thousand a year. I think you'll be all right. I'd consider it something like the yeah, but the second John knows how much money I have, it will be constantly. You want to buy this house, you want this investment property. You want this house, you're on this house. This is getting away from us now. Yeah, back to the comment. So we gotta sell uh, Milon Pharma schoolgles. We'll see how that goes. If they don't buy the place, they're definitely looking to lease it. So that will bring jobs to the people in West Virginia. You know, just an on someone right, because w manages it right, Innovation Center. So I think yeah, I think there. Did they I think so, yeah, because I would be a good idea for me to get out to the employees trying to sell some houses. But I think there, uh, there's a bunch of different companies co work out of there. I think so. We'll see this. It's IT'S A lot. It's it's a very in depth process. We'll see. Hopefully that goes to this. I mean a lot of people lost their jobs from Milon right. So it's bringing some jobs back to morgantown. Who would have thought that J flow would be helping people get their jobs back in Morgantown, West Virginia? We'll be providing jobs. I mean I know that we had a great economic impact in Charleston. You know, we've been doing the alumni game for the past eight years. been doing a lot of stuff for the state. But who would? I just I just wanted to realize that, like thinking, I think you're doing something, it's not...

...the actual same thing as actually doing it. So when you do bring those jobs back, then you could say j flows, bringing jobs back, getting houses, sending kids to college. But this is still in your head. It's not in my head. It's not in my head like there's an actual meeting happening about a company, like the company's coming to Morgantown. Once you see, you follow the jets stuff flying to Morgantown, right, Dave, it will be a there'll be a jet coming in within the next two weeks that will will be from this pharmaceutical company. They will meet me, will meet at Milan, will walk through it, then they'll make a decision on what they want to do. It's actually a possibility that this can happen, like it's not. I'm not just thinking the idea like it's already in motion. So Stop Hating and get on the J train, John. I've been on this train too long. That's why I know it's rickety and like the wheels are about to fall off. Something's some things go through right. Some things I've said actually come in to frustion? Yes, absolutely, some something, some ideas don't come into frustion, and that's probably be entrepreneur, you know, like something's work, some things don't work. You find out as you go and that's just the entrepreneur lifestyle, right. Sure, like we didn't think Ethan would be this good at what he does. I did, like David Faith I did. I mean, I think we'll talk about that, but that's what we knew episode. But no one knew Ethan would be this because I just thought he was some slap from some slap street. But intermition and Ethan. But Ethan likes to do other podcasts instead of ours now, so we're gonna kind of move and who's on, who's on this morning. I don't mind that. Congrats your first and eight weeks, a couple of weeks off, Ethan, Ethans a peacock. You got him flying. Mah God, let him spread his wings and just take off. You can't let him just sit in a cage. Are there? You gotta let him spread his wings and I'm happy for either. Hey, good looking. Thanks for listening to the show. Help us spread the word and tell your family and friends about us. We're available on all major podcast APPS and on facebook, twitter and instagram. At final forecast. This has been another episode of final forecast with me, your hosts. Super Real estate agent, gonna get Dave this million dollars salary. Gonna sell miling. We're talking into existence. I'm going to sell a bunch of commercial properties. A CEO J flow entertainment, super husband, super finer. John Flowers wrong and I really I did a good job of run this episode today without Kj you know case. I don't know what he's going through right now. I don't know. It's supposed to join us. He was supposed to join us and then couldn't make it. So he does apologize and then ashes off for Labor Day weekend because we got tomorrow off. I want to hear about casks he's doing in Japan. A lot of a days out there. Hopefully we get him on next week and he can give his hall of Fame Acceptance Speech that he wouldn't be able to give live. Hey, that's a great idea, dude, and you can tell us about those bod days in Japan. Shout out the ether for coming this morning. Appreciate it. I'm glad did you guys, let me, let me talk much.

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